🥇 Best Envy Pro Scooters Reviews of 2021

Today we examine the full Envy Pro Scooter range and also reveal to you the very best scooters they have to use. With one of the most preferred and also favored designs being the Envy Colt and Envy Charge, this shaped up to be a fascinating testimonial of scooters.

That is Envy Pro Scooters?

If you are seeking the best professional scooters in the market, you can never go wrong with the manufacturers of Envy Pro Scooters: Blunt Scooters.

Developed in 2021 in Melbourne, Australia, the firm initially sold aftermarket components for other scooter brands given that, at that time, the scooter market was still growing. They marketed parts such as clamps, hold tape, Chromoly bars, and also many more which are often lauded for their premium quality make.

But, when they saw the expanding number of cyclists in the country, they began making their own scooters as well as started delivering them across the globe. Like the quality of their aftermarket parts, Blunt Scooters were designed to assist bikers to enjoy the sporting activity through their items.

Each scooter is made with the very best materials and also will last a lifetime for its users. They additionally continue to research studies to enhance their scooter schedule to help the scooter industry to expand, as well as make certain cyclists get a remarkable experience during their flight.

The factor is due to the naming issues the firm experienced in 2011 if you are wondering why they are understood both as Blunt Scooters as well as Envy Scooters. Today, the brand name “Blunt Scooters” is used for scooters launched in Europe and also the UK, while Envy Scooters are for scooters launched the rest of the world. They feature the same high quality the brand is recognized for despite the name.

1. Envy Series 4 Colt Scooter

Envy Scooters COLT S4 Complete Scooter - Teal
  • HIGH QUALITY COLT Deck 495mm(19.5") x 120mm(4.7") x 350mm(23.8") Foot Space in Teal finish
  • COLT BARS 580mm(22.8") high x 520mm(20.5") wide Chrome-Moly Matte Black with Envy V2 160mm(6.3") TPR Black/White Hand Grips
  • STURDY 4130 Chromoly TIG Welded IHC Forks with CNC 2 Bolt 5 mm Black Clamp
  • NEW DESIGN 110mm Black Colt Wheels
  • ENVY 110mm Nylon Brake Nylon Front Plate, Rear Deck Inserts and Envy Rear Spacer System

The Envy Series 4 Colt Scooter is a solid choice for novices who are ready to tip their game as much as the next degree. While it doesn’t have every one of the same attributes as a pro-level scooter, this item increases the series of feats that you can carry out. There’s a lot of foot space on the 4.7″ x 19.5″ deck.

You’ll also appreciate the heavy-duty grasp tape.

With 110mm wheels, you won’t really feel way too much of a change from your common newbie scooter. This helps to make the transition even easier than you would certainly believe. Rubber handlebar grips, as well as a strong steel frame, permit easy control and reliable longevity.


  • Great for beginners aiming to up their level
  • Comes with a vast deck as well as handlebars
  • Comfortable grips to keep control of the scooter
  • Because it’s the ideal middle-ground for many scooter riders,


  • We like this scooter.

2. Envy One Complete Pro Scooter

ONE Series 2 Complete Scooter - Red
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Deck 19.5” LONG X 4.7”WIDE
  • Matted Black High tensile steel Two Piece Bars 21.7" HIGH X 20.5"WIDE
  • 4130 Chromoloy TIG Welded IHC Forks
  • Newly Designed Front Plate, Rear Deck Inserts and 2018 Envy Rear Spacer System
  • 100mm 5 spoke wheels with 86A PU and New Nylon Bolt On Brake

Right here we have The Envy ONE full beginners’ scooter. An excellent scooter for those looking for a wonderful beginning scooter. A very strong screw holds both parts of the manage bar with each other, with stamina– you can rest assured that the manage bar will certainly take you via the discovering phases. An IHC system runs through the ‘ONE’, which we understand is the prominent system choice today. Select from 6 various shades. This Envy ONE total Scooter is of a high standard, however straightforward for scooter kids, beginner bikers actually can not fail with this choice.

3. Envy One Series 2 Scooter

Envyscooters ONE Series 2 Complete - Teal
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Deck 19.5” LONG X 4.7”WIDE
  • Matted Black High tensile steel Two Piece Bars 21.7" HIGH X 20.5"WIDE
  • 4130 Chromoloy TIG Welded IHC Forks
  • Newly Designed Front Plate, Rear Deck Inserts and 2018 Envy Rear Spacer System
  • 100mm 5 spoke wheels with 86A PU and New Nylon Bolt On Brake

The One Series 2 version is among the budget-friendly Envy scooters particularly created more youthful motorcyclists that are finding what these helpful vehicles are everything about. The wonderful aspect of this particular design is that it’s highly personalized with aftermarket parts, so it can be gotten used to the customer’s demands throughout time. This suggests that it will not need to be changed ahead of time.

Even though the unit is an entry-level one, it does feature some severe attributes that will certainly help any kind of young biker obtain the desired abilities quicker and also in a secure method. As an example, the device features high-tensile steel bars that make certainly included durability, while the handholds are 160mm long, which makes them comfy, considered that they make sure a strong grip.

The scooter uses 100mm wheels constructed from premium polyurethane that minimizes the de-hubbing risk and also guarantees improved efficiency. By doing this, the biker can depend on these for the needed stability, but likewise for learning tricks in the park.

The lightweight aluminum deck makes the entire scooter lightweight and also manageable, along with durable, so there’s nothing to be concerned about regarding this. Plus, the premium finish, as well as a cool-looking layout, will certainly make any type of young cyclist delighted regarding spending time utilizing the scooter and hanging out with friends in the park.


  • Comes with a broad, lengthy deck
  • Perfect for bikers of all experience degrees
  • Top-notch brakes for quick stopping
  • Because it satisfies the criteria that every rider is looking for


  • We like the Envy One Series 2 Scooter

4. Envyscooters KOS Series 6 Charge

Envy Scooters KOS S6 Complete Scooter - Charge
  • HIGH QUALITY LIGHT WEIGHT 6 Series Aluminium Deck with 82.5 Degree New Design Head Tube 510mm(20") x 125mm(4.9") x 350mm(13.8") Foot Space and finished in Oil Slick with Charge Bull Logos
  • ALUMINIUM CHARGE BULL BARS 650mm(25.6") x 580mm(22.8") Aluminium Matte Black. Envy V2 160mm(6.3") TPR Black Hand Grips designed for comfort and durability.
  • Revitalized V2 Declare Forks in Black. Compatible with 125mm x 30mm Wheels. Matching 2 Bolt Forged 6 mm Black Clamp
  • SMOOTH 120mm x 26mm Hollow Core Wheels in Black with White 86a Poly Urethane. ENVY 120mm Nylon Brake, Front Plate and 125mm Box Ends.
  • PERFECT FOR THE STREET and PARK. The KOS CHARGE Scooter is best suited to the ADVANCED rider looking for high end features. The complete comes ready assembled in box just clamp the bars on and ride.

For those of you trying to find a flexible and top quality Envy scooter, the brand name offers this KOS Series 6 Charge version that features several updated pro-level elements. Among the first things worth mentioning concerning this particular device is that both intermediate as well as innovative riders can use it with no problem. Plus, it can be taken for a spin right out of the package.

This solid design definitely fits the expense if you are looking for a scooter that can you can utilize to strike the parks but additionally on the street. There is nothing one should worry about when it involves its toughness, given that it’s sporting activities grade-7 lightweight aluminum bull bars, that make it both strong and also lightweight.

Furthermore, the customer’s convenience was not neglected either by the maker, so resilient 160mm long handgrips were included in the device. These ensure a comfortable as well as an extremely stronghold for any kind of biker that wishes to make use of the scooter to do methods.

You might additionally like to know that the deck features a lightweight aluminum construction also, while the effective nylon braking system makes sure included security, considered that both the front as well as rear plates come with nylon inserts.


  • Made for premium scooter bikers
  • No constraints to allow for any feats you can imagine
  • Includes large wheels at 125mm


  • We like this scooter since it’s simple to assemble, it’s easy to manage, and the aluminum deck will certainly last for years to find.

Envy S3 Prodigy Complete

Envy Scooter Prodigy S3 Green/Black
  • Please Contact Us For International Shipping Rates
  • Deck Size: 4.45" x 19" | Headtube Angle: 82.5 Degrees | Integrated Headset
  • IHC Compression | 2-Bolt Prodigy CNC Clamp | Fork: 6-Series Forged/CNC Aluminum Fork
  • Bar: 21.65" High x 19.3" Wide | Grips: Envy TPR Handgrips with Nylon Bar Ends
  • 110mm Y-Spoke Wheels, 88a | Abec 9 Bearings | Weight: 7.5 Pounds

Envy has on a regular basis been know as being one of many essential reliable producers inside the scooter recreation since their arrival in 2009. Envy Scooters has been on a mission to create a number of of the world’s strongest, most revolutionary freestyle scooters and parts ever since. They have carried out it one other time with the arrival of the model new 2015 Envy Prodigy Complete. The new Prodigy comes with a whole slue of newest designs and choices along with a 6 Series aluminum Prodigy scooters’ deck with a head tube angle of angle 82.5, Width of 4.45″ and a deck measurement of 19″. Also that features new 110mm Y Spoke wheels with a PU rating of 88a and set with ABEC 9 Bearings. Followed by a set of 4130 chromoly bars coming in at 21.65″ extreme by 19.three” huge and wrapped in Envy TPR hand grips with nylon bar ends for added grip and luxurious. If you’re looking out for a implausible intermediate envy complete scooter at an excellent larger value then the 2015 Envy Prodigy is the kick scooter for you!

Our Comprehensive Buying Guide

The world of scooters is a whole lot more complex than some of us might assume, specifically if one is rather brand-new to whatever that it involves. While it’s real that generally teenagers and also youngsters are into riding scooters and also doing all sort of techniques, there are lots of specialist riders who are in fact making a living out of this.

For that reason, if you have a youngster or a household member who enjoys this task, after that you might want to show your assistance by purchasing a new scooter as a present, or by merely being familiar with even more concerning these handy automobiles that have actually made their way, especially as mechanized variations, into the lives of many adults as well.

Among the first things, you might like to know, before anything else, is that scooters can be supplied by manufacturers as “full” which suggests that they can be made use of right now. You will not need to do much assembling to get the system working, and primarily this component consists of protecting benches using the clamp.

The truly passionate riders may be tempted to build their very own scooter, particularly a fully tailored car, however, if the biker is still mastering this task, then such a time-consuming technique might not be one of the most ideal options. And also, building a scooter from square one can additionally be a lot costlier than selecting an out-of-the-box version.

Sorts of riding

Youthful motorcyclists and also those that are still newbies typically begin their scooter experience on the street or in the driveway. In this phase, the customers are still getting accustomed to the car and they are checking the limits of their abilities, so there are not that lots of tricks or jumps included. This kind of riding method that the scooter is not pressed to its restrictions, so any version can fit the bill.

As bikers get even more confident in their skills, they begin mastering doing numerous techniques and also dives, which suggests that the scooter is put under progressively even more pressure than it has to stand up to. In this instance, stronger clamps, decks, and larger wheels can certainly benefit the biker, as they guarantee extra security and also included sturdiness.

Road cyclists might at some point make their way towards specialized parks as well, which indicates that much more stress is mosting likely to be positioned on their systems, so in this case, you should look for more powerful as well as larger scooters.

The motorcyclist’s height

This facet matters a great deal when it concerns riding a scooter, given that young and shorter riders are not able to perform the same dives and also methods as taller as well as more experienced ones can. This additionally means that young motorcyclists don’t need the same hefty scooters that experienced riders make use of. As a matter of fact, these are many times likewise rather hard to deal with, depending on age and also skill degree.

Designs that include smaller sized decks, shorter bars, and also 100mm wheels are usually a far better fit for novice motorcyclists, while those with bigger bars, 110mm wheels, and also bigger decks help intermediate motorcyclists that are in the early-teen age array.

Of course, large bikers who are skilled and can take pleasure in a much more hostile design generally go for scooters with big wheels, extra-large T bars, as well as big decks. Such systems are specially made to stand up to harsh riding conditions, as well as they could additionally be personalized in many cases.

Grips, bars & fork

Since we’ve covered the primary facets concerning scooters, it’s time to enter into even more technical details and also see what the various elements of such a unit work for. The holds are the first ones we are going to discuss, as these elements are extremely important for riders who wish to do numerous techniques.

Some of these are actually really difficult, so the biker’s safety and security need to have a firm grip on the takes care of them. In case of a hand slip, the technique is not going to work out, and also there’s likewise an opportunity of obtaining wounded while doing so. That’s why it’s an excellent suggestion to select those holds that are both comfy which include a sturdy building and construction and a special layout that make certain a firm grasp.

Their style and also size depend a whole lot on the rider’s individual choices and level of experience when it comes to bars. Furthermore, there are 2 major products out of which one can normally pick these products, particularly steel as well as aluminum. These as well depend upon the biker’s preferences, as they make sure similar efficiency.

The fork is one of the most vital ones for any ride, considered that it calls for a compression system that is strongly attached to benches. Below too there are 2 options one can select from, particularly the threadless as well as the threaded on forks. The previous is taken into consideration by many as a much better choice, given that it guarantees more strength and enhanced performance.


Q: Is Envy a good scooter brand name?

If you were to ask someone passionate concerning scooters whether Envy is a good brand name, you will certainly get a favorable answer. The firm has actually been known in the past years for the premium quality of its products, along with the functional designs it generates.

Despite if you are planning to utilize the scooter for methods or you merely intend to find out how to ride, you will surely find an appropriate version in its portfolio. Additionally, it’s important to recognize that the scooter sector is still creating, so businesses require to stay ahead of the competitors, yet likewise offer the new generation of cyclists units that are suitable to their demands.

The fantastic part regarding Envy scooters is that they are made with several ingenious features to examine all the boxes and also give bikers of any type of degree of experience a trustworthy remedy.

Q: Who has Envy Scooters?

If you are not accustomed to this brand name yet, then you might not know that Envy scooters initially showed up in Melbourne, Australia, under the brand Blunt. Back then, this very certain sector was simply forming, and only a few businesses were offering such handy lorries to the crew of bikers.

Nevertheless, the interest in riding maintained enhancing throughout the years, and also Blunt Scooters (as it was understood and also still is today in specific parts of the globe), started producing full scooters, besides the aftermarket components, it was already supplying on the marketplace.

The preliminary group contained Mitch Baldry, Max Peters, Warick Beynon, Brendon Smith, and also Adam Rouse. While these names could not mean that much to a person who is not acquainted with the field, they do carry weight in the scooter riding area. Their teams were growing worldwide, and also in 2011 Blunt was changed right into the Envy brand for Australia, Canada, USA, and South America.

Q: How much does an Envy scooter weight?

The issue of just how much a scooter evaluates depends on other elements, such as whether it has any additional attributes that could change this indication. You may finish up with a lighter or heavier system than when made use of straight out of the box if you use aftermarket components to readjust the scooter to your choices.

On the other hand, Envy scooters include dimensions that have been examined to ensure one of the most efficient and comfy riding experience. If you go for a Series 7 Prodigy version, for instance, it will consider around 8.92 extra pounds. Various other designs may be lighter, such as the KOS Charge Series 6 Complete Scooter which stands at 8.37 extra pounds.

It’s essential to think about the rider’s needs and physical toughness when picking a new scooter, however, the great thing about Envy designs is that they ensure the best equilibrium between functions as well as performance, to get the wanted performance.

Q: What holds do envy scooters have?

Holds are key elements for any cyclist who is seeking to surpass his or her very own performances as well as perhaps even complete a specialist degree. If the grasps are trusted and also not comfy, which would imply guaranteeing a firm understanding when handling the scooter throughout hard methods, after that the motorcyclist won’t be able to get the wanted outcomes, and there’s likewise a risk of obtaining harmed while doing so.

Envy understands this all too well, considering that the brand name is frequently looking to introduce its products. You can feel confident that all the common grips scooters are furnished with guarantee the best degree of efficiency, specifically because numerous versions consist of the TPR Grips V2.

These have actually been entirely revamped to be longer as well as offer the required room to get onto them for crazy combos. The holds that Envy scooters come with are generally extra long, they feature nylon bar finishes, as well as are incredibly smooth.

Q: How are Envy scooters different than other brands?

Envy scooters are popular amongst knowledgeable riders, as well as there are some great reasons for which they are so valued. To start with, the firm uses products made with products of the best quality, which is essential for scooters that are mosting likely to encounter numerous tight spots under the hands of knowledgeable as well as intermediate users.

The value of the style is not overlooked either, considered that many designs are offered in a large range of cool-looking, artful colors, so pretty much any cyclist is mosting likely to find a favorite option.

Also, given that today’s scooter industry is still expanding as well as it will certainly remain to do so, the business offers a large range of models appropriate for bikers of any type of experience level. No matter if we’re speaking about specialist users or young teens that are simply getting the hang of it, Envy has the ideal product in-store to fit all needs.


Additionally, understand that Envy scooters are always updated scooters from previous models and this makes them a couple of numbers out there as individuals are trending for it. So if you locate one today, never delay purchasing it as you may not be suitable to see it available within the next couple of months.

However, the evaluated list consist of envy heist scooters and also the envy natural born player scooters of various collections from S1 down to S5, and these envy scooters are affordable as well as extremely economical. Because you have actually read the offered reviews, wish you can help on your own by finding the most effective scooter from by you.

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