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Having issues with your kids being addicts on pc’s or game consoles so much so that don’t like to get out your front door to enjoy the sun?

There are many different types of electric scooters which are available in the market today. Electric scooters are certainly one of the most wonderful gifts that you can give to your children. Having an electric scooter gives the child a spirit of fun as well as freedom at the same time.

Kids’ electric scooters are available in different sizes and models and have a lot of unique features to choose from. Based on electric scooter reviews from our experts, we have put together a list of best electric scooters for kids in 2018 which are compared on their various features including the most important one – child safety!

The Best Electric Scooter for Kids… and Parents!

With so many children getting bored of regular manual scooters, many parents are left searching for the best motorized scooters for kids. With so many options available, it is difficult to find the best electric scooter for kids. Before you begin shopping for the best electric scooter for kids, there are several things you should consider.

First of all, you need to decide whether you would like a stand up model that resembles a regular kick scooter or a motorbike scooter. Each come with different benefits so finding the best electric scooter for kids can be tricky. Always ensure you pay attention to the age range, as well as weight capacity and maximum speed. The best electric scooter for kids will depend on your needs. Some scooters are built for children as young as three, while others are for older children around thirteen. This is why it is very important to pay close attention to these three key features when shopping for the best electric scooter for kids.

So what are Electric scooters?

Electric scooters are definitely the in thing nowadays. Both kids and adults enjoy riding these machines.

How fast does it go?

This entirely is dependent upon the power of the battery. Most electric scooters is capable of speeds up to 10-15 miles per hour. Similar to a standard scooter the rider can regulate the velocity of the scooter utilizing a hand grip throttle fixed to the handle of the scooter.

How often does the battery require charging?

Generally the battery needs a continuous 8 hours to charge fully and will last for a 40 minutes continuous drive. Most batteries last two years before you must replace them.

Safety considerations

Electric scooters for kids are handy and will certainly be a good deal of fun, nevertheless, you must always ride safe. Safety helmets, protective knee pads and elbow pads need to be worn all the time. Teach your son or daughter to be responsible and safe riders.

Which brand should I choose?

The two best-selling brands of kids scooters are Razor and Ezip.

Razor was founded in 2000 and the aim of this manufacturer is always to produce the very best ride with cutting-edge technology that endures daily use. Razor is situated in Cerritos, California and already, within 10 years of the Kick Scooter launch, they’ve sold over 20 million Scooters!

Currie Technologies® is the developer and distributor of the Ezip brand of scooters. They provide quality, high- performance Hybrid and Electric Powered Bicycles and Scooters utilizing their patented Electro Drive Technology. Their goal is to make sure that every customer obtains value, performance as well as the knowledge that their products are built to last.

It’s usually a good idea to purchase the very best kids scooter you are able to afford, rather than the cheapest model. By doing this you will save more money in the long-run. When purchasing online, make sure you obtain the model which has the correct height and weight specifications for you. It will guarantee that you will have the most comfortable ride.

The Razor E100, E200 and E300 series are definitely on the list to be the best electric scooter for kids.

Razor has been making the best  motorized scooters for kids for many years and is an expert in the industry. All three of these models are generally the same, except for their age requirement and weight capacity. The battery on this scooter can last anywhere between forty minutes to an hour and it features a rear braking system to ensure your child’s safety. What makes it the best electric scooter for kids is it’s lightweight design that makes it very easy to maneuver.

Another scooter that tops the best electric scooter for kids list is the Razor Pocket Rocket. What makes this model the best electric scooter for kids is it’s cool design that resembles an adult’s street bike. Although it may look like a real motorbike, the Razor Pocket Rocket can only reach speeds of fifteen miles per hour. This is the best electric scooter for kids who are at least eight years and up.

The best electric scooter for kids that can handle bumpy terrain is the Currie Ezip 400. Built with much larger wheels than the Razor models, the Ezip is the best electric scooter for kids who want to ride off road. This scooter is also ideal for the adult who wants a little fun too! The Ezip is not only the best electric scooter for kids, it can also handle adults who weight up to 340 pounds.

The best motorized scooters for kids really depends on what your needs are and what kind of preference your child has. The best electric scooter for kids may come as a stand up or sit down model, what you choose is up to you. Regardless of the best electric scooter for kids that you choose, remember to always encourage your children to wear a helmet and practice safe riding.