How Fast is a Fast Electric Scooter?

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A fast electric scooter is much faster than it was just a few years ago. Of course, gas scooters are still quite a bit faster, but the gap is steadily closing. For some enthusiasts fast electric scooters have more speed than is necessary, but for others, nothing seems to be fast enough for their tastes.

Whether you own an electric motor scooter or gas powered scooter they will both get you from one place to another. The big difference between the two is their travel times. The gas scooter will usually get you there quicker, but electric scooters will get you there at a much cheaper price.

Depending on how far you need to travel and what types of roads you are driving on, a fast electric scooter can often be just as efficient as far as time is concerned. If you’re driving on streets or highways having higher speed limits, you will probably want to get a gas powered scooter as they can be much speedier.

There are two things that most scooter buyers look at closely; top speed and out-of-pocket expense. Gas scooters will allow you to travel at speeds in excess of 100 MPH which should be more than sufficient for just about everyone. Driving to work at 65 MPH is a breeze with gasoline power, but impossible with electric power. However, if you will be using your scooter to do errands close to home, riding to school, or needing transportation for other close-to-home activities, electric may be the best way to solve your needs.

The big advantage of electric scooters is their low maintenance and operating costs. Since they don’t have a gas engine they will be much more dependable since gas-powered motors have more problems. There are far fewer things that can break down or malfunction with an electric scooter. This also means the maintenance costs are a lot cheaper. In addition, since the power comes from a high-tech battery there is no gas to buy. This can mean huge financial savings because making trips to the gas station will never be necessary.

The biggest benefit of owning a gas scooter is their faster speeds. However, this can become a moot point if you are only using your vehicle to travel short distances from home. Not too long ago most electric scooters could only hit top speeds of about 20 MPH. The newer versions coming out today are hitting speeds in excess of 30 MPH and these top speeds will surely increase in the near future. The increase in speed is mainly due to improvements in battery technology. When you think of a fast electric scooter, 30 MPH may not seem very fast, but it will get you where you want to go if you are traveling in close proximity to your home.

If you are trying to come to a decision about which type is best for you personally, it normally comes down to speed and money. If you are traveling long distances and need higher top speeds it is almost a necessity to get a gas powered scooter. If your main goal is to save money by eliminating expensive fuel costs, and you will be taking short trips in the vicinity of your home, an electric scooter will usually be the better choice.

It may seem hard to believe, but gas scooters are usually a bit more expensive than electric scooters of comparable size. For about the same price you will get higher speeds from similarly-sized gas vehicles. One other important thing to consider is the distance each scooter can travel. Gas scooters will allow you to travel virtually any distance because you can always stop and buy more fuel. However, electric models need recharging after 30 or 40 miles so they are not ideal if you are traveling longer distances.

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