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Pink Electric Scooter- Every Young Girl LOVES Pink Electric Scooters!

Pink Electric Scooters Really Turn Heads!

Early in December, my 12 year old daughter proudly walked up to me and announced, “I want a pink electric scooter for Christmas!”My wife and I were a little taken aback by her proclamation, as she had never wanted ANY variety of scooter.

When we inquired as to why she wanted a pink electric scooter, she simply said, “I think they look cool!”Of course, the real reason she wanted one was because her best friend has one. Apparently, she gets lots of attention riding her flashy electric scooter!

While my wife and I had no objections about getting Amy(our daughter), an electric scooter, we knew absolutely nothing about them. We asked Amy what model of electric scooter her friend owned. She said that she wasn’t sure, so we decided to call her parents.

Her friend’s name is Lisa, and Lisa’s parents were real helpful. They told us that Lisa had a Razor E300S electric scooter, and they called it a “Sweet Pea”. Razor is a company that has been making quality scooters, of all varieties, since 2000.

They also mentioned that lots of girls these days have a flashy pink electric scooter, apparently it’s a bit of a “fad”.

Well, far be it from us to stand in the way of social progress! We decided to shop around for a pink electric scooter!

The Search Began For A Pink Electric Scooter!

Pink Electric Scooters Have Become A Fad!

Although, Amy really liked her friend’s scooter, and we did too, we felt like shopping around a bit was the right thing to do. We started our search online. By “Googling” the term “electric scooter” in the search box, we were introduced to a wide variety of electric scooters.

We discovered that just about very form of electrical vehicle is becoming increasingly popular. Many people are becoming more ecologically aware, and are concerned with the pollution caused by gas powered vehicles.

We also found out that Razor has two other electric scooter models which come in a pink color. They are the Razor Pocket Mod Scooter, and the Razor E100 electric scooter. Both of these models name their pink electric scooter, “Sweet Pea”.

We decided to find out as much information as we could about these other models. We were determined to look at least a few other electric scooters!

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