Best Razor E200 Electric Scooter Reviews of 2021

The Razor E200 electric scooter is a great scooter for teens and adults alike and you can cruise around the neighborhood in style on this nippy little scooter . The full size deck and frame allows you to stand comfortably while you are zipping around town. Its been custom made to suit ages of 13 and up and once you are on the move the ultra quiet chain driven motor of the E200 scooter will take you up to 12 miles per hour. This ensures you have fun without being a menace on the streets.

There is a long-life rechargeable battery which will last you up to 45 minutes of continual use. The charge time is eight hours so you can leave it on overnight and it will be ready and waiting for you in the morning.

The green and stylish Razor E200 electric scooter is a great choice for both teenagers and young adults who enjoy the benefits of speed for short distance trips. The E200 however does not have a seat and riders are required to stand and remain nimble as they cruise around. Standing during the ride is easy, thanks to the sturdy scooter frame and deck that can comfortably accommodate riders who are aged 13 and above. An acceptable speed of 12mph ensures fun and safety along with the guarantee of high performance that is driven by a powerful motor.

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The rechargeable battery provides continuous 45 minutes worth of fun between each recharge, which is expected to be 8 hours. 8’’ pneumatic tires keep the smooth rides going with a manually operated rear brake and an effective throttle accelerator ease any concern about operating the scooter. The handlebars are adjustable, riders are thus not limited by size.

With summer on its way there is no better time to get your kids outdoors and having fun on this great little scooter!

Razor E200S Seated Electric Scooter - White/Red
  • Boasting a high-torque, ultra-quiet chain-driven motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle
  • High-performance motor with speeds up to 12Mph
  • Powered by a long lasting rechargeable 24V Seal battery system
  • Features a hand operated rear brake, spring loaded kickstand, large 8-inch pneumatic tires, and a removable ridding seat
  • Features rear wheel drive for increased traction and control.Material: Aluminum

Product Features and Specifications


  • Twist grip throttle
  • Hand rear brake
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery charge time- 8 hours
  • Chain driven motor
  • Weight capacity- 220 pounds
  • Rider age- 13 and above
  • 90 day warranty
  • Ships for FREE with Super Saving Shipping

• For ages 13 and older
• Single speed chain-driven motor
• 24V (Two 12V) sealed lead acid battery system
• Battery charge time: 12 hours
• UL approved battery charger included
• Product Weight: 45 pounds
• Assembled Product Dimensions: 37 x 16 x 42 inches

• Power chain-driven motor for speeds up to 12 mph
• Full-size deck and frame
• Twist-grip throttle acceleration control
• Hand-operated rear brake
• Folding handlebar mechanism for easy storage and transport
• Eight-inch pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
• Includes two 12V sealed lead acid batteries, battery charger and tools
• Up to 45 minutes of continuous use per charge
• Battery charge time of eight hours
• Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds
• Safety equipment such as helmet, elbow pads and knee pads is recommended
• Adult supervision recommended

The Reviews

Overall reviews of the Razor E200 electric scooter are positive. One reviewer said that the scooter works well, has long battery life and a sturdy frame. One reviewer gushed about how fun the scooter is to ride on and said that it is really convenient for short trips to the grocery store. Another reviewer said that the scooter provides a good workout for children and praised it for being stable, safe and easy to set up.

The Razor E200 electric scooter is quiet, rechargeable and safe. For children over the age of 12, the scooter promises to be a fabulous gift and its reasonable price tag makes it totally worth buying. Whether it is used for riding around in the backyard or going over to the neighbor’s house, the Razor E200 electric scooter is without a doubt one of the most recommended scooters available in the market.

It is a great scooter at a great price. Some people have commented that the Razor E200 is not suitable if you want to do stunts as the motor will hit the ground. However if you don’t want to be over zealous with your scooter and just want it for zipping around town the then Razor E200 is a perfect choice.

Is there a learning curve?

Well, there is, but it’s fairly easy to grasp. Adults can also give it a go, so teaching your kid how to ride it won’t be much of a hassle. It comes with an instruction manual, going through it will give you a good idea about how it works and how to ride it.

There are some things to remember while riding, like, letting go of the gas handle before breaking. Also properly charging it fully is necessary.


  • Decent amount of run time
  • Can handle different types of terrains
  • The handlebars are adjustable
  • Assembling it is quite easy
  • Comes with safety gear
  • It is quite affordable
  • This scooter is extremely quiet, which is a great feature to have in a kid’s scooter
  • High torque, chain driven motor
  • Twist-grip acceleration control


  • Only for kids
  • It is not foldable. So the user can’t fold it and carry it around. Also, it takes a lot of space.
  • Recharge time is too long and excruciating
  • Only comes in one color

What did we like regarding it?

We believe that in terms of quality the Razor E200 electric scooter is tough to match. We considered the primary functions that ought to be thought about while getting an electrical mobility scooter, those being speed, durability, battery life and also cost. The E200 aced in all those divisions.

The style of this scooter is pretty remarkable for a mid-range mobility scooter. The hand-operated rear brake was a nice touch. The mobility scooter can ride fairly conveniently on dirt-filled and also verdant roadways. Which makes it an excellent option for youngsters that reside in the countryside and where asphalt roadways are unusual. If looked after properly this scooter does last for a long period of time. The truth that it is light-weight makes it better for children to use it

The wide full-size deck makes it very easy to base on, also as no kick-off is required it makes it fairly user-friendly for youngsters to operate.

What do clients have to say about it.

We have actually looked at as well as researched evaluations of the E200 electric scooter. It has an average ranking of 3.8 out of 5 stars with 66% of the customers giving it a 5-star score. Which is pretty good. We likewise saw that consumers suched as exactly how sturdy this mobility scooter is as it obtained 4.4 out of 5 celebrities in sturdiness. Below are some of the things the reviewers claimed that captured our eyes:

  • The users like the truth that this scooter works quite well as an initial scooter. Riding it is quite easy to find out for a small child. The rate of this scooter is not also quick as well as not too slow either makes it ideal for kids around that age. Youngsters might easily go up and down capitals and damaging it was additionally very easy.
  • As it has an auto begin system, youngsters can handle the E200 rather well. Also adults under the weight restriction have as well as used it and also were pleased by its performance and sturdiness.
  • Several of the users have whined concerning the batteries not lasting long. Some also grumbled concerning the battery life is a little reduced, but they did confess was suitable.
  • We wish to alert you about the possibility of obtaining a malfunctioning product and also some of the consumers even stated that there was some damage during delivery. So, attempt to replace it if that were to take place.
  • The ease of use was appreciated by the individuals. They likewise like exactly how consistent it stayed throughout riding.
    As this mobility scooter is fairly low to the ground the reviewers claimed to decrease if there are bumps and cracks when driving. Likewise, tell your kid that to always look for bumps and fractures when traveling just to be risk-free.
  • A lot of clients mentioned that they got incredible performance from the E200 scooter by preserving it effectively. Like not draining the battery, maintaining it tidy as well as transforming the battery every now and then. We recommend you instruct your kid to do the same as well as you won’t face much of an issue.

Final decision

The E200 is a well developed and affordable electric scooter that equals some of the most costly mobility scooters in the marketplace in regards to high quality. The majority of the clients that bought it have extremely applauded it. A lot of its features are incredibly suitable for children to make use of. Razor has actually given additional effort to make this scooter in such a way that the rider can count on it to provide him/her a great riding experience.

Now, the question continues to be, is it worth it? Well, in our point of view it is. Regardless of there being some poor evaluations, by taking great care of it will certainly more than likely remove the problems encountered by those individuals. Not being foldable and there being no shade choices readily available may seem like disadvantages. But what we want to state is that at a budget-friendly rate you get a lightweight and also fast electrical scooter that does not make much of a noise while riding. Its attractive style also functions to its advantage.

While reading the Amazon testimonials of the item we saw that the majority of the customers had actually bought it as a present to their children or grandchildren. we believe if you are also trying to find a present for your youngster this is a remarkable choice.

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